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June 6, 2010 / A Surviving Father

Why a Blog?

So what is the blog all about?  Quite honestly, it is about me.  Not because I am selfish or narcissistic, it’s just that I can’t imagine anyone being all that interested in what I do.  So I imagine this blog being a chronicle of life as I see it.

And I see quite a lot.  Nothing exotic; I don’t travel the world or live a life of rich and fame, but I do find a lot to enjoy in simple things.  I am the father of seven (yes, seven) children- two boys and five girls.  Being a father is amazing.  It is exhausting but very rewarding, but you can easily miss out on the wonder of it all if you don’t take time to reflect and appreciate it, which is one purpose of this blog.

In addition to being a father, I am a physician- a cardiothoracic radiologist to be precise.  I truly do enjoy my job.  I work with wonderful people at a premier university and can’t really imagine doing anything else.  One of the challenges of loving your work is striking the appropriate balance between profession and family.  These two things can completely consume an individual, so it is important to also make some ‘me’-time.  Back in the day before I was married, had kids, and was a busy doctor, I actually had time to pursue other interests.  I studied architecture, built furniture, played the piano and organ, and enjoyed drawing and painting.  Obviously I had to let some things go, but I needed to hold onto some interests and develop others in order to maintain a personal identity.

Which again brings me to the purpose of this blog- it is about me- what I like to do and how I incorporate a career, parenting, and my personal interests into something that, well, works.


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