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June 7, 2010 / A Surviving Father

Unforeseen Use for Disposal Diapers

Disposable diapers are a brilliant invention.  I know that some people are purists and go for natural organic cotton cloth diapers, but the utility and convenience of a Pamper is undeniable, as long as it is limited to its intended use.  Unfortunately, my trail-blazing five-year-old daughter found a new potential application for a wet, used diaper- a projectile.

Our two-year-old had one of those wet diapers to the point that it was weighing down her pants and would swing from one side to the other as she ran down the hall.  Needless to say she was changed, but the old, wet diaper somehow didn’t make it into the trash and was left on the bedroom floor.  Now I won’t lie, finding a bundled wet diaper on the floor is not a rare occurrence in our home.  What is unusual, is that our five-year-old daughter decided to throw it around like a beanbag until it exploded into thousands of urine-filled diaper gel pieces!  There were shouts of delight and horror from her siblings.

After the room was evacuated I was brought in for damage control.  Mind you it was tough for me to keep my cool and I did raise my voice.  We just moved into a new house with nice new carpet and my daughter’s flagrant abuse of a wet diaper was almost incomprehensible, but you can’t get very far with a five-year-old asking her, “What were you thinking?!”

The obvious consequence was that she should help clean up the mess, but she didn’t want to touch the stuff, and I couldn’t blame her.  So she only had to pick up the largest bulky remains of the diaper and I did the tedious dirty work… but I did make her watch, in the event that she has a moment of clarity in the future and actually does think before doing something rash, she will hopefully remember this day.

In the end, no harm done, except maybe psychological… to me.  She spontaneously apologized after watching her daddy clean up the mess.  This was followed by hugs and kisses, and she went to bed knowing that her father loves her.


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