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June 9, 2010 / A Surviving Father

Aperture 3

As a new photographer, I admit that I have been somewhat disillusioned.  I thought that all I really needed was the “right” camera and all of my pictures would turn out looking like those from National Geographic.  Obviously it takes much more than just the right equipment, and although a lot of the work associated with getting an amazing photo needs to occur before hitting the shutter button, an incredible amount of effort goes into post-processing.

Since I am new to the world of photography and I have always been a Mac person, I thought I would trust Apple in helping me out with organizing and post-processing my photos.  They make a robust but easy to use program called Aperture 3.  After playing around with it for a few weeks, I am very impressed.  I have Adobe’s Photoshop CS3 that I use in conjunction with Illustrator for graphic design, but I now prefer Aperture for most of my photo processing needs.

In my next photography post I will give a run through of a sample workflow approach to processing a photo with Aperture 3.


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