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June 19, 2010 / A Surviving Father

Dad All Over Again

My new son!

So it has been several days since I posted to the blog… and with good reason- I am a new father!  My dear wife delivered a healthy baby boy last week and I delivered him (one of the perks of being a physician, I suppose). So that makes baby number 7- we have a boy, 5 girls, and now another boy, all within the span of 11 years.  Yes, we’ve been busy.

There are many things about fatherhood that amaze me.  For starters, how is it that I can fall in love with this new child who is for all intents and purposes a complete stranger?!  And, let’s face it, newborns are not that cute.  They are wrinkled and bloated all at the same time.  They are covered in vernix (that sticky white paste that takes a deliberate scrubbing to come off).  I mean it really takes a few days before most babies merit gasps of “He is so cute!”

That being said, after the organized rush of delivery, when everyone was certain that the baby was safe and healthy, mom was resting, and we were finally left alone, I took some time to introduce myself to my new son.  I held him in my arms still marveling at how small he seemed.  He happened to be awake and was staring up at me with dark, deep, penetrating eyes.  I may be wrong, but he seemed to actually look at me- I mean really see me- and there was this unexpected special connection… we had a “moment” like we were looking into each others souls and came to an understanding: he is my son, I am his father, and I love him.


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